The Munch Box

An tailored delivery of slow-cooked, grain-free dog food that's delivered exactly when you need it.

For every delivery, SnapWag donates 2 meals to a dog in need.


Food for a King

Everything your pup needs. Delivered when you need it.

The Wag Box contains a personalized assortment of everything you (and your pup) need. You'll receive a tailored delivery of SnapWag's Slow-Cooked, Grain-Free Dog Food, Artisanal Treats, Amazing Toys, and Handy Accessories. As a pup-parent, SnapWag offers you the ability to have your food delivered automatically when your furry child runs out. 

Why SnapWag?

  • Automatically delivered when your dog is about to run out of food!

  • Total control over delivery schedule!

  • We use your feedback to improve your boxes!

The Other Box

  • You have to re-order or rely on inaccurate 30-Day Auto-Ship.

  • Locked into 30-Day Auto-Ship

  • Same type of items whether your dog likes them or not.

Our Food

Who knew high-quality could be affordable?

SnapWag provides grain-free, slow-cooked meals for your dog without breaking the bank. By slow-cooking our high-quality recipes, SnapWag's food retains the most flavor for your pup. That means your dog will finally enjoy their food without toppers (or you begging). Heck, we even deliver it to your front door, for free! 

No Grain. No Pain.

We guarantee your pup will love SnapWag's Slow-Cooked Recipes or your money back!

Foodie-Approved Recipes

  • Grain-Free

  • Hand-Crafted in small batches

  • No Corn, Wheat, or Soy (common fillers)

  • All-Natural Meat Proteins

  • Slow-Cooked

  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors

  • Added Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty-Acids

  • Added Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Great Food and Great Price

"SnapWag figured out exactly when I needed more food and notified me it was on the way. Easy for me and my dog loves it-all for a price less than the veterinary brands." 

Myndi B.

The Best Switch I've Made

"Our husky/basenji mix loves the chicken flavor. Where as in the past we had to 'dress up' the Purina mix to get her to eat it, that is not the case with the SnagWag brand. She tears right into it..."

Tom R.

Our Promise

Free Shipping!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No Commitment!

For every box delivered, we donate two meals to a dog in need.

While you're spoiling your pup, you'll be helping another. For every SnapWag Delivery, we donate 2 meals to a dog in need. SnapWag believes all dogs should receive the proper diet that they deserve. Together, we can make sure that no dog goes hungry.