Treat your dog like royalty.

The mailman is about to become your pup's best friend. Each SnapWag Play Box is built with your dog's unique personality in mind. You'll receive 5-7 premium items that match your dog's personality, including the newest toys, artisan treats, and handy accessories. SnapWag adapts and learns which products best suit your dog so every shipment is better than the last!

The Other Boxes

  • Every dog receives the same items.

  • Locked into 30-Day auto-ship.

  • Same type of items whether your pup likes them or not.


  • Tailored to your dog's unique personality.

  • Total control over your delivery frequency.

  • We use your feedback to make sure every box is better than the last!

What else?

Free Shipping

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No Commitments

For every box delivered, SnapWag donates 2 meals to dogs in need. Total meals donated so far...


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