Spreading Wags

For every box delivered, SnapWag donates 2 meals to a dog in need.

Total Meals Donated:


Not every dog has found their forever home which means they might not have access to the high-quality and safely-sourced food that they should. SnapWag believes it's vital for every dog to have access to premium, high-quality food. For every SnapWag box delivered, SnapWag donates 2 meals to a dog in need. 

Meet SnapWag's Philanthropic Pups


The Therapist

Cooper is a Golden Retriever with a degree in making people happy. When Cooper isn't busy handling SnapWag's Customer Service, you can find him volunteering at convalescent homes, children's hospitals, and the L.A. County jail. 

See Cooper in Action...


The Philanthropist

Stella The Frenchie (aka StellaTheFrenchieBeBe) is the SnapWag French Bulldog living from Chicago. She loves helping both canine and human friends as well as giving back to the community. Stella has a wonderful loving & generous personality and wants to share it with the world!

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