What's so different about SnapWag?

SnapWag is the only online service to deliver everything your dog needs in one easy box. After you answer a few questions, SnapWag is able to tailor each delivery to your dog's unique personality with an assortment of premium, grain-free food, high-quality toys, and gourmet treats. Each new delivery will automatically arrive right before you run out of food, which means you'll never have to re-order or make an inconvenient store run again!

What if my dog doesn't like it? 

We're so confident you (and your pup) will love SnapWag that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't, just send back your box for a full refund. There are never any commitments, fees, or hidden costs.

What if my dog eats more or less than SnapWag predicts? 

All dogs are different. While our system will give you a great guideline on how much your dog should be eating, you should make sure your pup is maintaining a proper weight and adjust portions accordingly. If you find that you are receiving too much or too little food, you can easily login to your SnapWag account to adjust your shipment frequency. See the image on the right!

What if I have a unique situation or need greater customization?

Here at SnapWag, we take pride in our customer service. If you require greater customization of your shipments, we are happy to accommodate your requests as best we can. Give us a call, send us an email, or live chat.

What if something changes about my dog (like their activity level)?  

If something changes, you can login to your account to adjust your shipping preferences accordingly. You can also contact us or retake the survey to make sure everything is updated properly.

Are there shipping costs or fees? 

Absolutely not! Shipping is always free and you'll never find any hidden fees or costs. The price you see is the price you get. 

Can I skip a shipment or pause my subscription? 

Yes! If you need to place a hold on, skip, or edit your shipment for any reason, just log in to your account where you can manage your subscription. 

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime? 

Yes!  There are absolutely no commitments or contracts.  You can cancel your subscription for any reason with no cancellation fees.