Our Story

Founded by a few dog lovers in Southern California, the SnapWag Team understands that many dog owners live increasingly fast-paced and busy lifestyles. For most, it's a challenge to navigate dog food nutritional labels and to recognize what you should or should not be feeding your dog. We know firsthand how important it is to feed your dog a proper diet, which is why we set out to create affordable, small-batch, craft-style food for all dog owners.

Crafted by dog lovers, for dog lovers.   

Similar to a craft brewery, SnapWag hand-crafts and slow-cooks our food in small batches to not only provide your pup with a balanced nutritional diet, but unsurpassed flavor in each bite as well. Using only grain-free, properly-sourced ingredients, tight quality control measures, and a diligent cooking process, dog owners can rest assured that their dog is receiving a savory, safe, and well-balanced meal each time.

A New Era for Dog Owners

Here at SnapWag, we pride ourselves on super premium, safely-sourced foods, convenient packages, and reliable deliveries, which we believe should be affordable and accessible for all dogs and their owners. 

The Team

Brett Maiolfi

AJ Crook

Preslie Hardwick




A Better Life for All Dogs

As dog enthusiasts, the SnapWag Team knows the importance of giving back and providing a safe future for our companions. That's why SnapWag donates 2 meals to a dog in need for each delivery we make. We also encourage owners to donate directly through our donation page in which 100% of the funds will go directly to the organization.

Treat Your Dog to Flavor.

Savory meals that are worth the switch!