3 Easy Leadership Exercises to Do With Your Dog

Doing leadership exercises with your dog is a great way to establish yourself as the leader, obviously.  Establishing yourself as the leader will help immensely with future training and having a happy, healthy relationship with your dog and other humans and animals it may interact with.  Showing that you're the leader will help prevent many inconvenient occurrences like alpha aggression, food bowl aggression, destructive digging, dog fights within a household and will make crate training, paper training and vocabulary building easier.  Below are three daily leadership activities that you can do to help show your dog you're the leader:

  1. Keep them off the bed: Never allow them on beds or furniture.  
  2. Eat First: Prepare your dog's meal and set it aside as you eat yours.  This will send the message that the leaders eat first.  
  3. Lead the way: When walking through doorways, always enter before your dog.  To ensure this, make sure your dog 'sits' and 'stays' before you enter the doorway.  Soon, your dog will become accustomed.  

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