These Four Pit Bulls Saved a Woman's Life and Here's How

Yes, you read that correctly.  Four Pit Bulls, the breed that carries the worst and "deadliest" connotation amongst any, saved the life of Jude, an Ohio resident who was in need of dire medical attention.  Pit Bulls are often misrepresented and are rarely seen as the caring and nurturing animals they are.  Luckily, these four Pit Bulls showed an amazing level of compassion to nurse their owner back from a near-fatal incident.  From Buster being the first responder on scene, Kasey (not Lassie) grabbing the attention of Jude's husband, to Bailey lifting Jude's spirits and Cooper never leaving her side, these four Pit Bulls collectively saved a woman's life.

We're glad we were able to connect with Jude to tell her story that defies the "vicious" and "malicious" stereotype Pit Bulls carry. Thanks to these compassionate Pit Bulls, here is Jude's story: 

"We have four Pit Bulls and they truly are my angels. Our first, Buster, was rescued by our good friend Kelly when he was a few weeks old and dumped out the window of a car at a gas station and he was too young to be away from his mother. We adopted him and had a Sharpei that was, unfortunately, dying of cancer but she was his saving grace. She mothered him until her last breath just a few weeks later.  I only knew about pitties what I read so I was afraid because we had four kids but this dog was the sweetest I had ever come across and he broke down all those myths and lies. We loved the breed so much that we adopted Kasey just one year later so he would have a playmate. And a few years later they saved me.

I was home alone and upstairs. We have a dog door and they were outside. I turned to go into the bathroom and felt like someone hit me with a hammer. I fell on the floor and couldn't talk or walk or anything. Within a few seconds, Buster was in the house and up the stairs - he just knew. He nudged me and pushed into me with his body until I was in a sitting position and then put his head on my shoulder. He never left my side after that moment. I kept going out of consciousness and he would lick my face. I wanted to say thanks but couldn't talk.

Buster - the first responder

My husband came home and was working on the fence so he went straight outside and he said that Kasey ran to him and barked and ran to the stairs and kept circling him and running to the stairs and back. He knew something was wrong. He came upstairs and he found Buster and I and when we got to the hospital they said I had a stroke. I was there for ten days and I do not believe I would be alive without them. They are my hereos.  To this day Buster will not let me go in a room by myself. He also turned gray right after I had the stroke - my poor guy was worried!!!!


Kasey - found life saving help

Over that next year I honestly prayed every day to die because I was in so much pain and because I had so many disabilities and could no longer work or be the mom I wanted to be. Next thing I know, my husband and the kids adopted my Bailey girl for me to lift my spirits. And that little pitty brought me back to life. She had to be taken care of so I had no time to feel sorry for myself. And, her unconditional love and puppy ways just made me happy again and reminded me that I was alive and life was good no matter what.

Bailey - Jude's spiritual healer

After that we adopted our goofy little Cooper and he makes me smile every single day even through my pain and surgeries and any thing else that life throws at me. He never leaves my side and is truly a therapy dog through and through. He thinks he is a ten pound lap dog and I don't have the heart to break it to him that he is ten times that!!!


    Cooper - Jude's therapeutic companion      

So, because of these four pitties I am alive today and not just that, I enjoy life despite my pain and disabilities. And, the cool thing is that it has nothing to do with the fact that they are Pit Bulls it is just that they are regular loving dogs - just like all dogs that are in tune to their owners - and I think people should know that. Pitties have lots of awesome traits that I wouldn't trade for anything and I love that about them.  They get a bad rap when they have incredible characteristics that should be focused on more.  But, I think they need to start being looked at just like any another dog because they love and feel and are faithful just like all dogs are.  Maybe people would then treat them better and give them a fair shot."

It's clear these four Pit Bulls are Jude's angels.  Jude says she has always shown affection and loving care to her Pit Bulls and that's exactly what they showed back.  If a human shows hate and malice towards a Pit Bull, chances are it's going to show it back. Let this be a lesson to not blame the Pit Bull, but to blame the human.  In this case, we blame you, Jude, for these angels saving your life.

We couldn't retell this story without rewarding Jude's four angels.  Above is a picture we pulled from Jude's Instagram of Buster, Kasey, Bailey and Cooper digging into our Play Box.  Thank you, Jude! 


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