Meet Phoenix and Peanut the Cavapoochons from Playa Vista!

Recently, the SnapWag Team sat down in Playa Vista, California with Peanut and Phoenix, two Cavapoochon brothers (Cavalier, Poodle, and Bichon mix), and their pup-parent Rowena.  Playa Vista is a great neighborhood for all the pup families out there.  With dog-friendly restaurants and apartment complexes, it's a dog haven for all the pup-parents out there!  

Cavapoochon Dogs - Peanut & Phoenix

Peanut & Phoenix Interview: 

SnapWag: What's your favorite place to take Phoneix and Peanut in Playa Vista?
Peanut & Phoenix: Everywhere! The great thing about Playa Vista is that most places are dog-friendly. They definitely love the outdoor movie theater at the apartments. 

SnapWag: How long have you been on Instagram?
Peanut & Phoenix: A year and a half.

SnapWag: Any tips for other Instagram Influencers?
Peanut & Phoenix: Lots and lots of interaction! Make sure to communicate with others on social media.

Cavapoochan in Playa Vista

SnapWag: What are their favorite toys?
Peanut & Phoenix: They love rope toys because they can play together...but they really love anything.

SnapWag: What're their favorite treats?
Peanut & Phoenix: They love himalayan treats and they also go nuts over ice cubes, too. It doesn't matter where they're at in the apartment, if they hear the fridge opening, they're zooming over.

SnapWag: Is your apartment complex accommodating to having dogs?
Peanut & Phoenix: Yes, it's very accommodating.  A lot of people have dogs.

SnapWag Subscription Dog Box Cavapoochan

SnapWag: Any tips for other dog families living in an apartment complex?
Peanut & Phoenix: It helps to have your dog paper trained so you don't have to take your dog out to pee multiple times a day.  I take Phoenix and Peanut out once a day.  

Peanut & Phoenix are enjoying life in Playa Vista, California.  If you're ever moving your pup family to Los Angeles, Playa Vista is the spot to be! 

Dog Play Date in Playa Vista 

- The SnapWag Team 

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