Meet Dagger - The Manliest Pomeranian You'll Ever Come Across

SnapWag recently sat down with Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang (@dagger), the roughest and toughest Pomeranian out there, and Dagger's amazing human Jessica Zollman (@jayzombie) at Maru Coffee in Los Angeles. With a name like Dagger, we weren't quite sure what to expect. Was there a hardened, dark pup underneath that perfectly groomed, fluffy coat?  If there was one thing for sure, we needed to get to know Dagger on a deeper level.  

Full Name: Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang 

Breed: Foxy Pomeranian

Age: 8 Years old 

Current Location: Los Angeles

Previous Location(s): New York City & San Francisco 


SnapWag: How did Dagger's name come about?
Jessica: His full name is Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang. Since he's a Pomeranian, we had to give him the manliest name possible.  


SnapWag: What are some of Dagger's favorite places? 
Jessica: Dagger loves going to Maru Coffee followed by a hike at Griffith Park. He gets so excited when we reach the trailhead.  We like to hike through the wooded part because once we get all the way up the trail, we're able to overlook the Hollywood Sign. Elysian Park by Dodger Stadium is also a favorite spot for us to go. 

SnapWag: Between New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, which is the most dog friendly city?
Jessica: Los Angeles definitely is the most dog friendly. In San Francisco, we lived in the Mission where we needed a dog walker. We'd be in the park and he'd run 20 feet away into someone's picnic and we'd have to run and go grab him. In Los Angeles, there is more space and we have the ability to drive him to different dog parks.

SnapWag: How has living in LA been since you moved here?
Jessica: I love living here.  Between having a car and being able to drive him to dog parks, it has been awesome.

Do you and Dagger have a favorite dog park?
Jessica: We really like the Griffith Dog Park. The small area is only for timid dogs and the main park is for all other dogs. Dagger's personality is much larger than his size, so he loves playing with large dogs. Other parks often separate between small and large, no matter what their personality is. For some reason, he hates playing with small dogs so we prefer parks where he's able to hang out with the big boys.


SnapWag: What are some daily activities you guys do?
Jessica: We enjoy hikes, walks, and visiting coffee shops. Since so many of our friends have dogs, we'll do picnics at the Hollywood Sign Park. Usually there are 10 dogs running around everywhere so it's very chaotic but SO much fun.


SnapWag: What are Dagger's favorite types of toys?
Jessica: Toys that have super long limbs because he likes to swing things around the room.  He doesn't like hard toys but goes crazy for squeakers.  If he can find the squeaker, he's one happy dog. 

What are Dagger's favorite type of treats?
Jessica: We usually get him organic biscuits because he has a super sensitive stomach.  It's hit or miss with him but we usually find that the biscuits work best.  He also enjoys dried fish skin.

What is a little known fact about Dagger?
Jessica: He claps. It's kind of Pomeranian thing but it's everyone's favorite so we always do it.

Side Note: If you don't know what a Pomeranian clapping looks like (also known as the Pomeranian Beg,") check out the YouTube Video below: 

SnapWag: Does Dagger have any quirks?
Jessica:  It's almost embarrassing how much he likes wearing sweaters. I also have to put my bag on the floor because he always tries to get into my purse. No matter where we are, he's always trying to get in!  Oh, and he's missing six teeth.   

Do you have any tips or recommendations for people who are looking to get into social media (i.e. Instagram) with their dogs?
Jessica: The reason I did it is because being a professional photographer, I wanted a place to put my cute fur-child photos.  I wanted a place for my family and friends to see him.  The biggest thing for me is that we got lucky.  I worked at Instagram before they went to Facebook and Dagger was our office dog and we posted about him a lot. I definitely went about it in a non-traditional way.   

Do you have an overall goal for Dagger's account?
Jessica: The purpose of the account is to spread joy, especially during times when joy is difficult to find.  Like yesterday, I posted a photo of Dagger where he has a beard.  I guess it's to release some chemicals from your brain to make you a little happy or something.

Has Dagger always been so photogenic?
Jessica: At first, he wouldn't take photos. Then it was like, "oh okay I get treats when I sit for the camera." Then he would start sitting pretty. It didn't take him long to catch on and soon enough, he loved taking photos.  Sometimes when he's scared or isn't feeling it, I won't take photos of him. I would never push him into that. We mostly take candid photos now because he wasn't enjoying photos that were staged. However, he definitely goes through phases and now he's starting to get back into them...

SnapWag: Who is Dagger to you? A member of the family?
Jessica: Dagger is certainly a member of the family...he even walked me down the aisle on our wedding! In our wedding album, there are so many photos of Dagger...maybe even more than me. He's the most important thing to us. Since my it was just Dagger and my husband before, I tend to think of myself as his step-mom. I have anxiety so he's an emotional support animal. There are times when relationships are tough or things get crazy in life, and then I look at that beautiful face, and think to myself, "I gotta do it." He's kind of that rock for us. We joke that he's the second most important thing (besides each other)...but sometimes the first.


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