A Sit Down with Instagram Doggy Model, Cooper the Corgi (@littlecooperbear)

SnapWag was recently in San Francisco where we were able to hang out with Instagram Model, Cooper Bear the Corgi (@littlecooperbear).  Cooper is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who currently has over 15,000 enthusiastic followers.  Most of Cooper's photos are taken from different locations throughout the San Francisco area, whether it's in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, on top of Mt. Davidson, or in the middle of Dolores Park.  

From Cooper's photos, it's easy to tell he has quite the personality.  However, we're always curious as to whether the photos are an accurate depiction of the dog's true character.  When we were finally able to meet him, we were certainly not disappointed.  Cooper has one of the biggest enthusiasms for life that we've ever seen! 

 Instagram Dog Influencer Cooper the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Cooper modeling while overlooking San Francisco.

Name: Kim and Cooper

City: San Francisco, California

Instagram: @littlecooperbear

Cooper’s Breed: Corgi

Cooper’s Age: 2 years old

Favorite Toy: ZippyPaws Bunny Jigglerz

Favorite Activity: Hiking and off-leash places

Does Cooper have any unique tricks, characteristics, or personality traits? He’s a smart aleck who thinks before he acts. He’s also really good at becoming a limp noodle when you pick him up. Coops is bilingual, Vietnamese and English. Lastly, he’s very patient when it comes to food and anything we’re about to do.

The Interview

Why did you and Cooper originally get started in social media?

I wanted to document Cooper’s puppyhood and print out an Instagram booklet of his life from the start using the photos on his IG. I thought Instagram would be a great place to collect it all in one place and it has also become a creative outlet for me. We actually started on Tumblr!

What’s Cooper’s favorite spot in San Francisco?

He absolutely loves Crissy Field. When we arrived at Crissy Field, he’ll go do his business and then proceed to run towards the water. It’s also where I get to practice off leash training with him and it’s a beautiful place for an evening walk. A win-win place in our heart.


Instagram Dog Influencer, Cooper the Corgi - SnapWag.com

You'll never find Cooper without a smile.

What is the naughtiest thing Cooper has ever done?

When Cooper was 5 months old, he sneakily took a croissant out of a toddler’s hand who just wanted to pet him. I didn’t see him do it and neither did anyone else, even the toddler didn’t notice it was missing until I saw Cooper chewing it. Luckily the kid was a good sports and I managed to take the croissant out of his mouth. Coops wasn’t too happy about that. Now he knows not to take anything out of a person’s hand without their approval, he’ll respond with “okay” as confirmation. 

Is Cooper a fan of the “Corgi Butt” phenomenon that’s sweeping Instagram?

If it’s good to sniff, then he’s definitely a huge fan.

What do few people understand about what you and Cooper do?

In the end, we love to make other smile from our photos and laugh at our silly captions.

 SnapWag.com Play Box Toys and Treats - Cooper the Corgi

Cooper licking his lips when his SnapWag Play Box is delivered.

What did Cooper think of his SnapWag Play Box?

If he knows the packages are his, he goes nuts for it! Coops definitely had a field day when the SnapWag Play Box came. When he realized there are treats in there as well, he puts his face on it. He doesn’t like it when I make him wait and pose for a photo with it, so normally he gives me a RBF during the whole ordeal. Overall, he absolutely love the SnapWag Play Box.


We certainly weren't thrilled to leave Cooper.  His lease on life seemed to spread happiness to everyone around him.  If you ask us, we think it's because of his SnapWag boxes.

Check out a direct feed from Cooper's Instagram (@littlecooperbear) below to see what all the buzz is about! 

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