The Life of Instagram Dog Model, Hadley the Malshi (@hadleythemalshi)

For this this week's model spotlight, SnapWag sat down with Hadley the Malshi (@hadleythemalshi). We were extremely interested in interviewing Hadley and seeing how this petite Malshi (Maltese and Shih Tzu) has sky-rocketed in popularity over the last year.  Our questions touched on Hadley's everyday life, as well as some behind-the-camera aspects that most people don't see.  

We were only able to communicate through her agent/human provider, Claire.  Understandably, they wanted to make sure we didn't ask any questions that would land Hadley in the tabloids. Mimosas in hand, we began our interview in Hadley's lavish living facilities in Austin, Texas.


SnapWag Hadley The Malshi Interview

Hadley in her Austin Penthouse.


Name: Claire and Hadley

City: Austin, Texas (Previously Los Angeles, California)

Instagram Handle: @HadleyTheMalshi

Breed: Malshi (Maltese/Shih Tzu)

Age: 2

Favorite Toy: Chelsey’s Tug Toy

Favorite Activity: Long hikes off leash.

Any Unique Tricks, Characteristics, or Personality Traits? Hadley can fetch! She kills it with her little tennis balls.

The Interview

How did you and Hadley become involved in social media?

When I first got Hadley back in 2014, I had a feeling that my followers on my personal Instagram were getting annoyed of all of her pictures.  That's when I decided to create an account for her.  Living in Los Angeles and working as a publicist really helped grow her account.  I treated her as a client and pitched her to several dog outlets and influencers and she would often get picked up, which led to lots of exposure on several different accounts.

What makes Hadley different than other Instagram doggy models?

Hadley’s account is very organic.  I use my iPhone to shoot her pictures, not a fancy digital camera.  I rarely plan the posts, all of her pictures are captured within the moment and posted right then and there.


A photo shoot in Austin, Texas with Hadley 
Hadley in the middle of a photo shoot in Austin, Texas.

Why do you think people love following Hadley’s life?

Hadley is a sweet-loving and precious dog but she's also full of spunk and sass, which I know everyone can see in her posts.  Whether it’s traveling to our favorite vacation destinations or a simple walk on Town Lake in Austin, she is able to convey her love of life through a picture.  I feel that every time people look at her pictures they put a smile on their face.

Does Hadley enjoy the spotlight?

I mean of course, she’s all about it.  Her posing skills are spot on and she's always camera ready.  When she sees my iPhone, her game face goes on.  She makes it so easy for me!

Has Hadley changed after receiving so much fame?

I have noticed that she is getting a little sassier… a lot more whining for walks, toys and treats going on in our household.  I guess that's to be expected.


Hadley Dog Costume
Hadley loves dressing up for fans.


We see a lot of young pups chasing their dream of becoming a famous model, only to find a competitive and doggy-eat-doggy world that they never expected. What advice would you have for these aspiring pups?

Below are a few tips I believe have helped me make Hadley’s Instagram account successful:

  1. ENGAGE- Part of what makes social media “social” is the ability for individuals to connect and communicate directly online. Constantly liking and commenting on other accounts has been a huge help in gaining exposure for the account.
  2. FOLLOW- Always follow back and follow as many accounts as you can when you first start the account, even if that means following more than you have followers. Over time, that ratio will change.
  3. USE HASHTAGS- Make a list of hashtags that make sense for your dog and post them in the comments with each post you make. This will make it easier for people to find your account and follow you.
  4. POST FREQUENTLY- Keeping your fans up-to-date with your dog will make them more inclined to keep engaging. We try and post 3-5 times a week.

What is Hadley’s favorite SnapWag item so far?

The giant emoji toy has been the favorite toy of the month because the size is perfect for her.  She also loves fetching it.  Can’t wait to see what our next month's box brings!

What does Hadley’s typical Friday night look like?

A typical Friday night is for Hadley is hitting up the local Austin hotspots near our apartment for yappy hour.


Hadley the Malshi in Aspen

Hadley travels all over the world, chasing the perfect shot.

What is the greatest benefit that has come from social media and the exposure to so many people?

Social media has been a great way to meet people and be introduced to the newest products in the dog world.

Anything else you’d like to tell people or think they should know about you or Hadley?

Bottom line is that I do this for fun and want to share the love I have for my dog with the Instaworld. I am not looking to make money from the success of her account or receive free products all the time. I just want everyone to see how adorable she is!


At this point, Hadley seemed to be getting tired so we decided to call it a day.  She still had a nap, walk, and treat session to complete before the day was over.  We were just thankful she chose to open up to SnapWag for the first time.  

Check out a direct feed from Hadley's Instagram (@hadleythemalshi) below to see what all the buzz is about!

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