8 Ways to Recognize Dog Alpha Aggression and Dominance is Occurring

Alpha aggression is common amongst households with multiple dogs.  Although it's apart of your dog's instincts, being able to recognize alpha aggression can prevent your dogs from fighting with each other and from showing aggression towards humans.


Dogs very rarely show the highest level of dominance and alpha aggression overnight so here are 8 telltale signs to recognize alpha aggression and dominance:

  1. Guarding their food and become aggressive when other animals or humans touch it.
  2. Guarding a human from others approaching.  Although you may see it as them protecting you, it's really your dog claiming you.  In other words, they own you.
  3. Persistence of your dog entering doorways before you.
  4. Pushing a toy into you or pawing at you to play wit them.
  5. Jumping or putting their paws on humans.
  6. Not listening to known commands.
  7. Standing proud on your lap.
  8. Persistence on where they sleep. For example, on your pillow.

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