8 Reasons Why Dogs Are (Hu)man's Best Friends

Everyone knows dogs are human's best friend.  We do everything together, we compliment each other, and dogs know us like the back of their paw.   Let's face it...your dog also knows some things that no one else on this earth knows.  They're your best friend in every aspect of life and here are eight examples to prove it:
 1. We play so well together.
meme                                                                                                                                                                                                          www.doggifpage.com
2. We always try to prank them
Fisherman's friend
3. but they usually end up winning. 
The chair trick
4. We do cool tricks together!
Overplaying dog
5. We're their best cuddle buddies!
In friendship, weight does not really matter
6. We know how to make them happy
Fooo hooo hoooo hoood!
7. and they know how to embarrass us.
Effort and ass scratching walk
8. Can't forget, they're always there to keep us in check!
Right handed

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