8 Dog Friendly Cafes in Los Angeles

We get it, you want to take your dog everywhere and it's unfortunate that not every establishment is dog friendly.  We know, grabbing coffee with a friend is always much more enjoyable when you have your pup there with you.  It's obvious, it's never fun leaving your dog at home all by itself when it could be enjoying time with you at a nice cafe or restaurant. Don't worry, we have a list of eight dog-friendly cafes in Los Angeles that offer a nice patio, water bowls and open arms for your four legged friends. Here you go, below are nine dog-friendly cafes that you will love:

1. Alcove Cafe & Bakery

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If you're looking for an elegant outdoor brunch spot, you would be foolish to go anywhere else.  You might even start calling it Alcove Café & Barkery.  Whether you want desert, coffee or a full on meal, Alcove will not let you, or your dog, down.  Alcove will be your new go to spot, especially since you can bring your best four-legged friend!


2. Café Stella

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If you're in for a hip atmosphere, you have to check out Café Stella.  Café Stella is a quaint, hidden café in Silverlake/Echo Park neighborhood.  Although it is fairly hidden, it is no secret.  Be sure to get there early with your pup because it can take you a while to be seated.  It'll feel as if you've left Los Angeles and have been transported to a European café! 


3. Birds Rotisserie Chicken Café & Bar

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If you're a meat lover, we can assume you probably love rotisserie chicken because who doesn't?  Now, does your dog love rotisserie chicken?  Head to Birds Rotisserie Chicken Café & Bar because they have a menu just for dogs! Yes, you read that correctly.  Don't believe us? Check it out below: 


4. Corner Bakery Cafe

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Being that there are over 30 locations in Southern California alone, Corner Bakery Café is no stranger to serving great food to the neighborhoods they reside in.  If you're in LA looking for a dog friendly restaurant, chances are there's a Corner Bakery Cafe within 10 minutes of you.  Grab a friend, your dog and its leash and head to Corner Bakery Cafe for consistent deliciousness that will never let you down.


5. Los Feliz Cafe

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It has been said that Los Feliz Café's breakfast burrito deserves a national holiday and we cannot disagree.  Los Feliz Café offers a casual environment while still providing great, quality food at a fair price that you're able to enjoy in the presence of your pup.  Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think of the breakfast burrito!


6. Literati Cafe

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Literati Cafe, which serves decadent food and organic coffees and tees, is a great place for all occasions.  Whether you're studying or meeting with your friends, Literati Cafe knows how important it is for your dog to join you.  Even though this cafe might be one of Reese Witherspoon's favorite lunch spots, it can be yours and your pup's, too! 


7. Lulu's Cafe

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With a huge menu that can be a bit overwhelming, Lulu's Cafe and its friendly staff is there to help.  This is a great spot to enjoy a great breakfast with some fresh juice and your pup by your side.  You'll already feel like a regular upon your first visit because of the casualness and easy-going style cafe.


8. Cafe Tropical

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If you're ever on Sunset Blvd. and need a great place to eat with your canine, Cafe Tropical is another great cafe and bakery, or barkery, to enjoy with your furry friend.  With affordable prices and big portions, you may end up asking your pup with help on clearing your plate!  The ambiance is great with a lot of authentic decorations that really capture the LA lifestyle.

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