6 Causes of Destructive Digging and 7 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Have you ever noticed your dog digging into its bed before hitting the sheets? This is completely normal behavior because a dog's instincts is to dig a den to sleep in. Although this doesn't tend to be very destructive, dog's do have other destructive digging habits that we hope to help you prevent or rid.  To help stop your dog from digging, it helps to know what causes the destructive digging.  No one enjoys seeing their yard being torn up and it could become costly repairing the damage done. Below are some causes of destructive digging and ways to help stop the digging.  

Here are 6 causes of destructive digging:

Anxiety Related
1. Separation Anxiety - digs near backdoor
2. Exercise Anxiety - digs near exit gate 
Instinctual Related
3. Maternal Nesting - digs by hormones 
4. Thermoregulatory - digs when it's hot 
5. Predatory - digs for varmints
6. Storage - digs to bury food or loot

What types of dogs are known to be destructive diggers? Dog's with a genetic predisposition and pregnant/lactating females.  Stopping your dog from destructive digging can be difficult but we have some information to help.  

6 ways to stop destructive digging:

1. Complete an analysis of what's causing the digging and intervene on that level.
2. Don't let the dog see you garden or dig holes.
3. Increase the pet's level of exercise. 
4. Do leadership exercises.
5. Install chicken wire over old, filled in holes. 
6. Bury your dog's feces in old, filled in holes.
7. As a last resort, create a designated digging pit if your dog's destructive digging persists due to a genetic predisposition.

We know destructive digging can be a huge issue and a burden on your yard.  Always discourage inappropriate digging by reprimanding your dog if caught in the act.  We hope you don't have to create a designated digging pit as a last resort but if you do, be sure to let your dog see you dig there and praise it if they sniff and/or dig there. Burying his food, toys and treats in the digging pit may also help to designate the pit as their digging zone.  




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