3 Reasons Why Free-Choice Feeding Can Be Harmful For Your Dog

Whether you do it yourself or you know someone who does, free-choice feeding is very common.  Although it is a very convenient way to feed your dog, you may be exposing your dog to certain health risks that aren't always easy to detect and can be prevented by a controlled feeding schedule.  Here are three draw backs to free-choice feeding:

  1. Over feeding - some breeds are known to continue eating even after reaching the feeling of fullness or even eat out of boredness.  Over feeding can lead to obesity and eventually illness and disease
  2. Food motivated - your dog wont be food motivated which can make training difficult
  3. Sanitation - along with your dog, you're inviting bacteria, ants, rodents, raccoons and many other creatures to come join the feast.  Do you want these disease-carrying animals to be sharing a meal with your pup?   

Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Coates offers a great recommendation:

"Determine the amount of food that your dog needs to maintain an ideal body             condition and offer only that much per day. If your dog hasn’t finished the meal in 15     to 20 minutes, pick up the food, discard the remainder, and do not offer more until         the next regularly scheduled meal."

If you need help determining an ideal amount of food for your dog's needs, head over to our survey where we can help you determine the perfect amount of daily servings your dog needs to help maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.  Consult your veterinarian before switching your dog's food to our super-premium dry dog food! Be sure to check out our formula's ingredients here!  


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