11 Ways to Train Your Puppy Commands and Build Its Vocabulary

Training your puppy to obey every-day commands and vocabulary is vital to having a happy and obedient pup.  We've all witnessed a disobedient, untrained dog that wreaks havoc with every step it takes and we don't want that to be yours!  The convenience of having a well-trained dog makes ownership much more enjoyable and life easier for everyone. If only dog's could speak, this process would be much easier. Luckily, we have 11 tips on how to properly train your puppy and commands to make it a fun and efficient learning experience for everyone.  All you will need is a leash, treats, a place with no distractions and of course, a dog!  

  1. Say the dog's name before each command.  For example, "Fido, come!" 
  2. Choose commands that sound different from each other.
  3. Show the dog exactly what you want him to do.  You can lure or physically move your dog into position. 
  4. Say the command word one time only, just as he performs the requested behavior.
  5. Praise the dog with a high and happy "Good!" and a food treat or toy when first learning, even though you may have helped them into position. 
  6. Use food treats every time when initially training.  Once the dog responds consistently to a command, begin giving food treats every other, or every third of fourth time, and only for the best responses.  
  7. Show the dog again what you want if it does not respond within a few seconds. 
  8. Practice any command multiple times in short, positive sessions.  Begin training any new behavior in a place with no distractions.  Once the dog responds consistently, practice in different places. 
  9. At first, work with the dog on leash.  When off leash, begin in a fenced area.  If the dog ignores the command, go back to leash training.  
  10. Give the dog a release word, like "okay" to mean it's off duty and can relax/ 
  11. Try to always end a training session with one of your dog's best responses.  Praise your dog and release from duty.  

Be sure to keep it fun and pawsitive! Always praise a correct response to a command and to good behavior! 

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